Smokehouse Selection

Smokehouse Selection

“We’ve been smoking for you for 30 years, using pure hickory smoke.”

Available Year-Round in our Store -- All Made In-House from The Dutchman’s Recipes

Muscle Jerky is hand cut, cured and smoked for 3-4 days and dried with hickory chips.  Number of pieces in one pound packages will vary due to meat being hand cut.

Strip Jerky is 100% Bison or Elk.  Our Jerky is ground pressed and smoked with hickory chips and dried.  Strip jerky has an easier chew than the muscle jerky. This is made for those who prefer or need a tenderer “chaw” on the ole teefers.  Amount of jerky strips will vary per pound due to being hand pressed and cut.

Our Smoked Gruyere is Dutchman's signature cheese. Made in Germany, smoked in Texas. Will complement any of the meats.

Jagerwurst is what the Dutchman calls, "Deer Pasture Sausage." Take this on the deer hunt, it does not require refrigeration.

How do you store jerky or jager? We recommend to store longer-term in the freezer. Zippy bag or plastic tub.

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1 Pound Beef Jerky - Regular
1 Pound Bison Jerky (Muscle) - Spicy
1 Pound Elk Jerky (Strip) - Regular
1 Pound Elk Jerky (Strip) - Spicy
Hickory Smoked Jagerwurst
Smoked Gruyère Cheese
1 Pound Beef Jerky - Spicy
5 Pack Bison (Strip) Jerky - Spicy
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